North Texas @ Iowa – Postgame Analysis

Iowa played a great beginning, and a great end in Kinnick this Saturday against the 0-2 Mean Green from The University of North Texas. Although Iowa struggled in the middle of the game, they were up by 19 going into the second half. Iowa never let North Texas score after an early field goal in the second half, but Iowa almost doubled their points to finish the game 62-16.


Iowa’s offense was efficient for most of the game. They only had to punt three times, but they also had three fumbles that ended their drives. Fun fact: Iowa has received the kickoff every game so far and has either had a 3-and-out or a touchdown on the drive. This week they got a touchdown. Desmond King took the kickoff from the end zone to the 30, and Beathard got the ball the rest of the way down. That’s a whole 100 yards.


Iowa’s defense was very efficient at the beginning of the game. They caused negative 9 yards on the first drive, and only allowed 3 on the next drive. They got lucky, though, on an overthrown ball that would’ve been a touchdown had it been caught during the third drive.


The offense had a great second quarter after a slow end to the first, with a 3-play, 60-yard drive. That was shortly followed by a single 76-yard pass to Tevaun Smith for a touchdown, the longest by CJ Beathard.


After those two drives, the game slowly became very boring. (as I had predicted!) Iowa fumbled a double reverse play at their own 6 yard line, and then North Texas scored on their own reverse-pass play. Iowa continued to run up the score and keep North Texas from scoring. I personally left the game at the end of the third quarter, which shows how boring it was because I haven’t left a game early since Michigan in 2013 and it wasn’t my choice.


The most interesting thing to happen during this game was probably the missed extra point. Iowa had the longest streak in the nation of consecutive made extra points. It’s a stat that doesn’t really matter, although it is interesting.


I predicted it would be a boring game. It was. I got that prediction 100% right. I also predicted, however, that Iowa would be consistently strong, but they slowed down at the end of the 1st and 2nd quarters. I wasn’t disappointed by this too much, but they were noticeably different during those two periods. they played a very solid second half allowing only a field goal right at the beginning. I predicted Iowa’s score way too low at 42, but I got North Texas’s score pretty close. I thought they would have 10 points, but they only scored a touchdown off of the turnover at the 6-yard line.

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