Illinois State @ Iowa – Postgame Analysis

What a great day to be a hawkeye fan. At the end of the game, I thought to myself “This is going to be a great season.” I experienced a high that I haven’t felt in quite a few years as a hawkeye fan. Even during the height of Iowa football in my lifetime, I’ve never truly felt as strong feeling about Iowa football as I did then.

Iowa played great on both sides of the ball. Offense played efficiently, taking time off the clock and marching downfield with smart play calling. Defense brought tons of pressure in the trenches and had lots of helmets swarming to the ball every play.

I left out special teams for a reason. The special teams from today’s game were phenomenal. 3 kickoffs booted out of the back of the end zone, including one kicked through the goalpost! While Iowa didn’t have to punt happen too much, watching practice before the game I watched a bomb kicked from the back of the end zone land in the middle of ISU players at the 35! That’s 60 yards from where the ball is snapped meaning the ball traveled 75 yards in the air. Luckily,Iowa didn’t have to make any kicks like that this game, but they will certainly need it in the future.

What does the fake field goal from today’s game mean? It means Iowa listens. Ferentz hears complaints about a lack of diversity, and low risk taking. When a fake field goal attempt failed, what did fans do in Kinnick? They didn’t moan and groan like you would expect them to. The fans rose up and the stadium roared with approval, louder than what the players get for most plays. Iowa had very unpredictable play calling today. It wasn’t the check-down/draw combo we are used to seeing so much from Iowa’s offense. A shovel pass play early in the second to Canzeri was insane, and got Iowa quite a few yard on the unsuspecting defense. It’s plays like those that keeps the other team’s defense on their heels trying to figure out what we might do next.

For the first time I can recall, Iowa played 30 minutes in the first half. Normally, if kirk could run out the clock with 3 QB kneels, he would. Iowa took the ball with a minute and a half left and kicked the ball between the uprights for an extra 3 points that helped give us momentum going into halftime. This is another case that shows how the Iowa coaches are listening.

I predicted 6-24. The final score was 14-31. I was right about winning by somewhere between 13 and 17, but the score was still wrong. Fortunately for Iowa and all of its fans that are sure to hear lots of bragging from the other ISU’s fans, Their points at the end meant absolutely nothing. Their second team showed the weaknesses in pass coverage in our backups, and it will improve us as a unit. A simple fact is that their points meant nothing to the game and Illinois State never had a chance of winning that game.

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