Illinois State @ Iowa – Pregame Thoughts

Iowa vs Illinois State is looming, with kickoff happening in only 11 hours. How excited am I? Very. Kinnick is the best place for any hawkeye fan to be, where you get to sit close (almost too close) to 70,000 other people cheering for your team, the Iowa Hawkeyes (Although it will only be about 55,000 for this saturday’s game.


Writing this is hard. I already speculated on Iowa’s season in a different article. Another difficult thing about this is that Iowa is playing Illinois State. ISU hasn’t been a stand out team like NDSU has, but they were the next best thing last year in the FBS.


Fortunately for Iowa, I strongly believe that Iowa would have a good chance of beating NDSU in the opener this season (as they will have to next year), and this game should be easier than that.


I believe that Iowa will come out with the win tomorrow. They aren’t, however, going to come out full force with everything they have. Iowa should win with a nice cushion of around 10-17 points, but they won’t blow them out like they could.


Now to get down into the detailed predictions.


  1. Struggles at the offensive line. Iowa played with two great seniors at the ends of the O-line last year, and they both started every game. While the starters this year are far from new to the line, they are still new starters, While it won’t be atrocious, It won’t be as good as it has in years past


  1.   Tyler Weigers. The backup QB who hasn’t seen a down of college football, needs to get snaps in the game. He is all that we have for depth at the position, and in the worst case scenario that Beathard goes down, we need to make sure Weighers is ready to step up. I should still win comfortably and Tyler will see quite a few snaps at the end


  1. Tevaun shines. Tevaun Smith has been receiving a lot of attention this year, and an article from the CFL even lists him as the number one CFL Draft prospect. He will be getting the ball thrown downfield to him a lot both this game and the whole season. He should shine bright among all the other Iowa receivers.

I believe that Iowa will win 6-21. I think that Iowa could score more, but they will get rotation in. No one cares how much a team beats an FCS team, so Iowa has no reason to show off.

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