Iowa @ Iowa State – Postgame Analysis

Hawkeye State? Most definitely. Iowa came out in full force during the second half of this weekends game against in-state rival Iowa State. The hawks had a slow start in the first half, coupled with a large blow to the Iowa defense with DT Drew Ott coming out of the game with a wrist injury. Iowa managed to come back with two scores in the last six minutes to break the stalemate, charge ahead of the in-state rival, and beat them 31-17.


Iowa got the ball to start, but ISU managed to force a 3 & out. By the end of the half, the score was 3-3. ISU scored at the beginning of the second quarter, but Iowa bounced back to make it 10 all. Iowa state got their last score of the day on a 75 yard drive that only took 4 plays. Iowa had the ball at State’s 22 yard line. They ran the clock down to 1 second then tried their second fake field goal in two games! Unfortunately, Koehn could only get to the 5 yard line, and Iowa went into the locker room down 10-17.


Fortunately for the hawks, a different team emerged from the locker rooms at Jack Trice, and they owned the game from that point on. The defense was outstanding, allowing only 66 yards in the second half. While their offense took a bit to get going, they scored the 3 touchdowns they needed to secure the victory at such a high margin. Iowa’s interception with 4 minutes left after scoring the go-ahead touchdown is what really sealed the deal, though. From that point forward, there was a steady stream of Iowa State fans from the seats to the exits.


Iowa played a good game against a team that is significantly better than their last opponent, Illinois State. Unfortunately, Iowa didn’t play as good of  a game as they did last week. Iowa couldn’t get long drives going like they used to be able to do.


Iowa’s defense had weak pass defense, just as they did last week. Fortunately Iowa doesn’t have any weak spots in the defensive line, even though they lost two starters to the NFL last year. Iowa State got a lot of yards through the air, and if Iowa can’t stop the passing game better, it could be the dagger that stops Iowa’s cinderella season short.


This game meant a lot to Iowa fans. It showed that Iowa has what it takes to beat an opponent on par with what we will face for most of the season. This game only left me more confident in the Hawkeyes, and I look forward to see what is to come.


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