Iowa @ Indiana – Postgame Analysis

The transitive property sure is an interesting thing.

Iowa beat Indiana in Bloomington this weekend by a score of 35-27. Ohio State beat Indiana in Bloomington in week 5 by a score of 34-27. Of course that doesn’t actually mean anything about how an Iowa-Ohio State game would turn out. I just thought it was an interesting fact.

Indiana and Iowa played a game that, from a statistical view, was nearly identical. They had a nearly identical pass:run ratio, and a nearly identical amount of yards from those plays. Iowa only had 60 more total yards than Indiana–an indication as to why Iowa only won by 8 points.

Indiana’s running back transfer from the now-defunct UAB football program has turned out to be a huge help to the Indiana offense. Jordan Howard got the ball 22 times for 174 yards. His impressive YPC of 7.9 was dwarfed, however, by Akrum Wadley’s 10 YPC on only 12 carries.

I predicted that the game would be high scoring and it was. They combined for over 60 points. That’s pretty impressive when your conference plays defense (unlike the Big 12). They both passed the ball quite a bit, also as I predicted. I thought that there would have been a little bit more of a cushion, however. Indiana kept this a little too close for comfort for me. I would’ve liked a blowout victory, but normally my prediction never happens.

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