Iowa @ Indiana – Pregame Thoughts

Iowa plays a high tempo offense but a lackluster defense.

Of course, Iowa playing an offensive powerhouse like Indiana couldn’t come at a better time to impress the media, but it couldn’t come at a worse time to ruin Iowa’s chance at the best start they’ve ever had. Iowa’s defense will have to come out in full force to stop the 34th best offense in the nation. To put it into perspective, Iowa’s offense is 72nd.

Indiana’s offense is efficient at getting the ball downfield and scoring. They have a good quarterback in Nate Suffield, and he can make plays. They also have a very good group of receivers. They run the ball well, but their passing game is their strength, and our run defense is our strength. Hopefully they will try to run more than pass, but our defensive backfield should be able to make stops.

Our offense will overpower Indiana’s poor defense. They rank 119 of 128 teams. They struggle stopping offenses on the ground or in the air. Only two teams have a worse pass defense than Indiana (one being Nebraska). Expect Iowa’s passing game, which is at full health, to be firing on all cylinders.


  1. High scoring. Bet the over on this one. Both teams will be scoring a high amount of points, but of course I hope Iowa scores a lot more than Indiana.
  2.  Lots of passing. High passing efficiency and a low pass defense in one team is a good combination for lots of passing. Indiana likely won’t be running too much against Iowa’s stellar run defense.
  3. Not close. Iowa came out last year and smashed Indiana from the beginning. I expect Iowa to do the same this year. This year’s team is thirsty for victory, and they won’t let Indiana stand in their way.

I think that Iowa will come out with a 42-21 victory. Indiana will score garbage touchdowns near the end to make it appear closer than it really was. Iowa will have advanced the their best start in school history, but no one will really care.

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