Looking Forward to the Playoff Ranking

Fortunately, we don’t have to look very far.

The first College Football Playoff rankings come out tonight on ESPN at 7PM Eastern. The playoffs selection committee is comprised of 12 members who have various jobs in and around college football (Except for Condoleezza Rice. Not exactly sure how she got in there) These people includes former coaches, former and current athletic directors, commissioners, and journalists.

The committee rankings tend to differ from those released by the Associated Press or the coaches. The playoff selection committee takes a much deeper look into every single team that should be considered, as opposed to coaches or certain journalists who know lots about some teams, but they don’t know enough about every single team like the playoff committee is supposed to.

Notable examples from when the committee has differed from the AP poll-the golden standard of college football rankings until it becomes irrelevant week 10- include when the initial poll came out last year, and Ole Miss was number 4 in the playoff ranking but number 7 in the AP poll. Alabama was number 3 in the AP poll but got dropped to 6 in the playoff ranking.

So who has Iowa where?

Kevin Mcguire from NBC Sports doesn’t have Iowa in his top 8

Ed Feng from Bleacher Report has Iowa at number 7

Jerry Palm from CBS Sports has Iowa at number 3

Andrew Holleran from a Fox Sports CFB extension network doesn’t have Iowa in his top 10

Noah Frank from WTOP has Iowa at number 7

Jonathon Adams from Heavy doesn’t have Iowa in his top 8

Where Iowa stands when the rankings drop tonight is anyone’s guess. I  predict that they will be somewhere around number 5, but I can’t really provide a great answer. No one can. A website that got the first 6 correct last year currently has Iowa at number 2, and MSU sits right behind them at 3. I think that Iowa will be able to shock the nation with where they sit when the rankings come out, and no matter where they are placed, everyone will be talking about our team.

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