Minnesota @ Iowa – Postgame Analysis

What a time to be alive.

The University of Iowa athletics department just went through what is probably the biggest weekend in Iowa athletics history. Iowa basketball started their season 4-0, Iowa Wrestling wrestled in Kinnick in front of 42,000 fans and beat #2 Oklahoma State. Iowa Football played bitter rival Minnesota in Kinnick in front of 70,585 fans and beat them 40-35. Iowa also won back the prized hog of the Midwest, Floyd of Rosedale.

Iowa advanced to 10-0, the greatest start in school history. Kinnick Stadium was electric with the first sellout since the game against Iowa State in 2014. Phone flashlights came on to Biggie’s Hypnotize, and the 10-minute I-O-W-A chant made an appearance after being gone since the other night game against Pitt. The concourses in Kinnick we’re packed. It was a great day.

Iowa played a good game on offense, but struggled a bit on defense. The play calling has changed since Jerry Kill retired, and Iowa hasn’t had much film to prepare against with the new coach calling the shots. I thought that Iowa’s defense still played well despite the change in offensive game plan, but Iowa didn’t make many adjustments, and Minnesota TE Brandon Lingen was wide open for a majority of the night. It doesn’t really say too much about Iowa’s overall defense, just their ability to make adjustments in the game.

Iowa’s offense was a pretty normal Iowa offense. Canzeri, Mitchell, and Daniels all got snaps in the game, but Leshun Daniels was the true star of the Iowa offense. He ran 26 times for 195 yards and 3 touchdowns. Tevaun Smith looked like he was going to gain some rushing yards, but he then proceeded to pass the ball to Matt Vandeberg for a 21 yard gain.

“What about your predictions?” I hear you eagerly asking in your mind. Well I was just far off. While the game was incredibly high stakes and both sides would do some blocking past the whistle or taunt the opposing players, nothing they did put one of their opponents in harm’s way, so that’s nice. Iowa only had one big run by Daniels for a 51-yard touchdown, so there wasn’t much as far as “big plays” are concerned.

I thought Iowa would keep more room between themselves and Minnesota as payback for last year but that didn’t really happen. Iowa played good offense and scored, but Minnesota could answer back. At the end of the very long day, Iowa was victorious. The hawks moved to their best start in school history. Like always, it’s great to be Hawkeye!

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