Minnesota @ Iowa – Pregame Thoughts

It’s time to bring Floyd home.

Iowa vs Minnesota is a rivalry with a very long history. I personally believe that this is Iowa’s most intense football rival. Of course people can disagree about who it actually is; that’s just my opinion. I know the Minnesota fan base certainly has a hatred for Iowa. They even coined the chant “Who hates Iowa? We hate Iowa!” to express their displeasure for the Hawkeyes.

Minnesota fans probably remember when Iowa won in the metrodome in 2002, and the Iowa fans tore down the goalposts and ran around the field holding them. This is another prime example of why Minnesota fans aren’t too fond of the Hawks.

Iowa’s running backs are up to full strength for this game. I believe this is the first game where Iowa will have all four of the RB’s ready to take a large number of reps if they are called to do it. It’s great for Iowa to have Canzeri back in the game during a time where we will need him. Leshun Daniels will also be at full health, but I haven’t seen anything in the games that I have watched that show he is better than Canzeri or Wadley.

Minnesota’s quarterback, Mitch Leidner, is a bit of a dual threat quarterback like Maryland’s Perry Hills. He’s not as mobile as Hills, but he can run the ball like Beathard could do in the days before his injury. Hopefully Iowa’s defense has improved against the dual threat QB and will be able to stop him. Minnesota doesn’t have an explosive offense without him, so if Iowa is able to contain Leidner and keep him from making plays, Iowa should be able to keep Minnesota’s offense off the field.

This game is going to be tough, and it’s going to be close. This is a rivalry game. This means a lot to both teams. Iowa wants to keep their perfect season alive. Minnesota wants to destroy Iowa’s perfect season. I have no reason to go into this game as a spectator with doubt in my mind that Iowa will destroy Minnesota. It probably won’t happen.


  1. Cheap shots. Iowa wants revenge for last years 51-14 blow out, and they’ve made that very clear in their press interviews. Minnesota is going to do whatever they can do to try to hurt Iowa and ruin their season. Expect it.
  2. Big plays. Iowa’s going to be playing in front of their biggest crowd in over a year. At night. There’s going to be a great atmosphere, and the Iowa players will be making big plays to try to give those 70585 something to get loud about.


Iowa is going to start out slow and end the game strong. I’m thinking Iowa will win by a score of 13-31. It’s going to be a great night in Kinnick stadium, and as always, it’ll be a great day to be a Hawkeye.

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